Optical Level Switch TOS – Optical Level Switch

The optical sensor is located in a metallic body which includes a polysulfone prism inside of which there is inserted an infrared transceiver. As soon as the sensor is immersed in the liquid, the refraction index of the prism changes and a large part of the infrared beam is dispersed in the liquid, causing the output to change state.


  • No moving parts
  • Hermetic construction, sealed
  • Minimum degree of protection IP65
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Technical Data


Water treatment, Machine tools, Hydraulics, Food & Beverages, Chemical & Pharmaceutical


Level measurement

Measuring principle

Infrared transceiver

Media temperature

-40 ... +85°C

Ambient temperature

-30 ... +55°C

Measuring range

Working Pressure: 260 bar max (25°C) or 200 bar max (85°C)

Optical Level Switch TOS - Optical Level Switch