The main objective of the supply chain management at Trafag is to ensure the availability and quality of the materials we require to serve our customers. We strive to strengthen our competitiveness by optimizing the total cost, the early involvement and leveraging the innovation power of our suppliers.


Should you have any questions or comments regarding our purchasing process or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the following address:

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Terms and conditions

General Terms and conditions of purchase (PDF)

Terms and conditions

Suppliers for direct and indirect materials

Trafag considers suppliers as innovative and essential partners, when they work hand in hand with us regarding:

  • furthering know-how at Trafag
  • achieving a high degree of added value
  • reliability and significant flexibility in delivery
  • strong commitment and a disposition to invest into the process and environment


Trafag is mainly interested in transparent and open-minded long-term partner-like collaborations. This is ideally achieved through regular feedbacks and exchanges from both sides throughout the procurement process.

So as to avoid dependencies that might ultimately prove negative for either side, Trafag tries to optimize material field and supplier strategies for the benefit of everybody involved.

As Trafag strives to optimize the total cost of ownership at all times, it considers under others performance, pricing, conditions, quality, delivery capacities etc. as key issues that will not only enhance the relationship with our suppliers, but also provide us with a competitive advantage over the entire life cycle. Trafag requires that the demanded quality standards are being complied with throughout the supply chain.

We expect our suppliers to generally adhere to industry standards, particularly also regarding the environment and relevant social aspects.

Customer specific parts of the following material fields are purchased:

  • turned parts out of stainless steel, aluminium and brass
  • milled parts out of aluminium
  • die casted parts out of aluminium and zinc, different surface finishing
  • printed circuit board assembly including electrical and functional testing
  • plastic injected molding parts
  • electromechanical connecters and cable assembly
  • sealing elements

Supplier Policy

  • Our quantities are suitable for the sales and the size of our suppliers
  • We aim for long-term collaborations
  • Our suppliers offer an outstanding price/performance ratio (TCO) and are competitive in a global market environment
  • We demand and enforce high quality and process reliability standards
  • Active second source policy regarding technology and processing
  • Continued innovation and close collaboration throughout the life cycle
  • An excellent credit standing and high investment capacity
  • Optimal production batches do range from 500 to 10’000 pieces
  • Ability and capacity to produce prototypes (small batches) on short notice
  • Willingness and capability to organize raw materials and components independently
  • Reduction of niche suppliers, so as to streamline the overall supplier base

Communication Policy

  • Active communication in German or English possible
  • Regular visits to key suppliers
  • Detailed, distinct and intelligible technical documents for international use

Purchasing Policy

  • Global purchasing policy, provided the required quantities allow this practice and the commercial advantages justify the potential risks involved
  • Our suppliers do preferably manufacture the parts themselves
  • Framework agreements do form the basis for recurring business
  • Logistics need to be adapted to delivery sequences and volume requirements. Availability of goods at short notice has to be optimized, so as to keep inventories low.
  • Packaged goods will be delivered in the appropriate, customary  and agreed upon packing
  • Delivery day is binding and means when the goods arrive at Trafag

Suppliers for MRO item and services

The Procurement department is responsible for the entire capital goods procurement. As a strategic project buyer it supports the different procurement projects.

To meet market requirements now and in the future, purchasing of production facilities is regarded as a link between Trafag and the supplier. We want to attain our purchasing objectives through a cooperative partnership with our suppliers. These are:

  • Innovative solutions which solve the challenge best out of technical, process and commercial view
  • Readiness of the required goods and services on time
  • Cost transparency and competitiveness
  • In the quality required by Trafag


We are open to innovations, new technologies and the very latest logistics and purchasing processes. Constant optimization is another focus of our activities.

Are you a suitable partner who will help to attain the objectives set in all areas? If so, you could be a potential partner.

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