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Trafag hybrid gas density monitor receives market approval from State Grid Corporation of China

World's largest electric utility corporation grants market approval for Trafag hybrid gas density monitor for remote substation monitoring initiative.

Trafag's 87xx hybrid gas density monitors, which monitor both SF6 and alternative insulating gases, have passed the stringent tests of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). This means that the «Advanced Digital Hybrid Density Monitors» are officially approved for the huge Chinese domestic market for the use in high voltage switchgears.

Logo on the building of the State Grid Corporation of ChinaLogo on the building of the State Grid Corporation of China

In March 2022, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) compiled the specifications for the approval process for Trafag's hybrid gas density monitors. Shortly afterwards, ETIC, Trafag's long-standing Chinese sales partner, submitted the specifications to Trafag. After a thorough gap analysis, Trafag's team of gas density experts implemented further features in the 87xx gas density monitors that are essential for customers: a proprietary object identification code, a calibration card for accurate pressure and temperature output, and a customer calibration tool. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in Beijing, China, was commissioned by SGCC to test Trafag’s devices.

Trafag's distribution partner ETIC provided significant support throughout the project and obtained approval for the 87xx series of density monitors on behalf of Trafag. This means that manufacturer of high-voltage switchgear (OEM) and energy service providers operating in China now have unrestricted access to the reliable and compact Trafag hybrid gas density monitors, which feature mechanical and electronic monitoring of the gas density of SF6 and alternative insulating gases.

The "SGCC testing facility"The "SGCC testing facility"

Who is the State Grid Corporation of China?

SGCC is a Chinese state-owned energy utility company. With more than 1.5 million employees and an annual revenue of more than 380 billion US dollars, it is the world’s largest energy supply company. SGCC is responsible for the distribution and transmission of electricity in China. Established in 2002, SGCC oversees the country's power grid infrastructure and ensures a reliable supply of electricity from various sources. It is also involved in international co-operation and invests in research into efficient electricity transmission and sustainable energy practices.

Inside an SGCC control roomInside an SGCC control room

The product

The Hybrid Gas Density Monitor of the type 87xx combines the advantages of a mechanical monitor and an electronic gas density sensor in a compact, multifunctional device. Its continuous measurement output makes it ideal for use in insulating gas management and trend monitoring systems. It also has a local gas pressure dial and robust switching point alarm contacts.