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  1. Glossary - Terminology for pressure measurement instruments

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  2. Trafag revolutionises the measuring of highly dynamic pressure curves

    Trafag revolutionises the measuring of highly dynamic pressure curves

    Trafag has succeeded in unifying the highly dynamic response behavior of a test bench sensor and the extreme robustness of a mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter by combining thin-film-on-steel measuring cells and an ASIC developed in-house. The Trafag ASIC TX with an innovative parallel mixed-signal structure is the key to a response behaviour at nearly unlimited speed.

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  3. Withstanding the challenges of saltwater: Choosing the compatible steel

    Pressure transmitter with corrosion

    The choice of the material of parts and components is almost always a compromise between performance and cost. This article outlines some considerations when choosing a suitable pressure transmitter for applications with seawater, e.g. in ballast water management systems or desalination units.

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  4. How to assess the corrosion resistance

    Trafag Salt spray test chamber

    There are two major criteria to assess the corrosion resistance against salt water of a stainless steel based on material specifications: PREN Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number and CPT Critical Pitting Temperature, both depending on the contents of the material. For practical tests, a good and reliable indication is the salt mist test according IEC 60068-2-52:1996.

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