Product portfolio history

Trafag has more than four decades of experience in gas density monitoring

The development of a temperature compensated pressure switch in 1978 marked the beginning of the era of Trafag’s density portfolio. An ingenious combination of a pressure switch with thermostat components made it possible to enter the density monitoring market of SF6 insulation gas in high-voltage switchgear. In 1987 Trafag developed the pioneering gas density monitor with reference gas chamber, a product with unsurpassed accuracy, vibration resistance and durability to this day. A metal bellows system plays the central role in this mechanical product. In 1994, Trafag bridged the gap of continuous gas density measurement and introduced the first electronic density sensor.


Trafag introduces the first density monitor with pressure switches for the international market.


Invention of the reference chamber principle that has become industry standard and introduction of density monitor type 87x0 with up to 3 microswitches.


Invention of the oscillating quartz sensing element and introduction of the first electronic density sensor.


Introduction of 8774
density sensor with
current loop output.
Later the portfolio was extended with 8775 type with digital RS485/ Modbus output.


Introduction of density monitor type 87x6 with up to 4 microswitches. In the meantime, portfolio was extended with 87x8 type for use in arctic climate zones.


Introduction of 90° (radial) process connection and the low-pressure indication dial.


Introduction of the hybrid density monitor type 878x (current loop output) and 879x (RS484/Modbus output) that provides switchpoint monitoring and continuous density measurement in one device.


Introduction of density monitor type 87x7 with up to 3 microswitches.


Introduction of the integrated density monitor test valve.


Introduction of the integrated insulating gas test and refilling valve.