878x Hybrid Gas Density Monitor with analogue output

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Main features

  • Exact switching following isochore at all temperatures
  • No contact bouncing
  • Independent, galvanically separated circuits
  • Continuous analogue output signal for gas density
  • Long term drift free output signal
Mechanical and electronic monitoring

Technical Data

More Information
Product code 878x
Designation Hybrid Gas Density Monitor with analogue output
Measuring range Mechanical monitoring, measuring range absolute: 0...1.1 MPa (0...1100 kPa) Electronic monitoring/sensor, measuring range absolute: 0...0.85MPa SF6 @ 20°C 0...56.1 kg SF6 /m3
Measuring principle Mechanical monitoring: Principle: Reference gas measurement Electronic monitoring: Principle: Oscillating quartz measurement
Designation of application Gas Density Monitor for SF6 and other gases with output signal for continuous monitoring
Output signal Mechanical monitoring: floating change-over contact Electronic monitoring/Sensor: analogue: 6.5...20 mA current loop Output signal 6.5...20 mA current loop 0...0.85MPa absolute SF6 @ 20°C 0...56.1 kg SF6 /m3
Ambient temperature -40°C ... 80°C

High voltage technology

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