Pressure transmitters

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They are available in many different designs to suit pressure and electrical connections, measuring procedures, electrical output signals and certifications (CE, EX, rail and ship). Superior technology and precise manufacturing ensure that the transmitters work perfectly. This is especially important in applications where high requirements are placed on long-term stability, vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, shock resistance or temperature insensitivity.

What are pressure transmitters?

Pressure transmitters are electronic pressure gauges and are used to measure and monitor pressure. The term pressure transmitter is also often used for pressure transducers or pressure sensors. However, this is not a synonym, since the term pressure sensor in the narrower sense only describes a part of the pressure transmitter.

What does a pressure transmitter consist of?

A pressure transmitter consists of a sensor that uses a physical principle to convert the pressure or a change in pressure into an electrical signal. In addition, a pressure transmitter contains measuring transducer electronics that process the sensor signal and convert it to a standardized electrical output signal. The output signal is provided at the electrical connection. The pressure on the sensor is applied via the pressure connection (also called the process connection). The sensor and electronics are housed in a housing that protects these two sensitive components from environmental influences on the one hand and connects them to the electrical connection and the pressure connection on the other.

What are the selection criteria for a pressure transmitter?

The selection criteria for a pressure transmitter are the appropriate measuring range, the required accuracy and the desired output signal. However, another very important criterion is the suitability of the pressure transmitter for the desired application. The measuring range, the accuracy and the output signal are parameters that are relatively easy to determine. On the other hand, in order to determine which type of pressure transmitter is suitable for a specific application, it is necessary to have a certain amount of experience and to carefully consider various aspects.

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