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On-road tests for passenger cars, carried out in extremely harsh environments from the dusty heat of deserts to the icy cold of sub-arctic forests, are often also putting the measurement equipment to its limits. Whereas failure of vehicle sensors is expected to a certain degree, the testing equipment must not fail at all – an undetected signal drift could put the entire test cycle results into question. Therefore, only the most robust and reliable sensors should be used for test and measurement instrumentation.

Unparalleled reliability and quality

Trafag test and measurement pressure transmitters are based on sensors and mechanical design concepts which have been proving their robustness and reliability under extreme conditions in mobile hydraulics applications over decades. A thin film on steel sensor technology geared towards maximum longterm stability, advanced production processes and highest quality standards provide the basis for Trafag’s pressure measurement instruments – built to last where others fail.

Trafag’s products are used in testing and measurement technology, for example:

  • Engine dynamometer
  • Brake test stands
  • Under hood on road tests of engine parameters
  • Mobile power train test equipment
  • On board pneumatic and hydraulic brake testing
  • Test benches for hydraulic components such as valves, power packs and cylinders
  • Monitoring of cooling systems for stationary and mobile lifetime and endurance testing
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