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Thanks to many years of experience in this market, Trafag products are perfectly adapted to the special needs on the high seas and have gained acceptance through their reliability and robustness – even after decades of use.

Shipbuilding - Pressure and temperature monitoring solutions

Since more than 50 years, Trafag has been a trusted partner in the maritime industry for pressure and temperature monitoring instruments. We meet the continuously rising expectations of the shipbuilding industry in respect of safety and reliability of our products through constant innovation and close partnerships with industry leaders. Ship docking times are short and spare parts are needed quickly. Worldwide Trafag branch offices and distributors ensure that instruments can be delivered to any port in minimal time.

Trafag’s products are used in shipbuilding, for example:

  • Engines
    Monitoring of pressure and temperature of lubricants, fuel, intake air, turbo charge, cooling water or common rail injection
  • Hydraulics
    Hydraulics on deck cranes, cylinders or line pressur
  • Pumps
    Monitoring of pump pressure of various media also for explosive areas
  • Filling level
    Level monitoring in ballast tanks or water ingress control systems
  • Ballast water
    Pressure monitoring in physical and chemical treatment units
  • Gears
    Pressure and temperature monitoring of lubricant
  • Compressors
    Monitoring of inlet and outlet pressures prior to and after compression
  • Separators
    Preparation of fuel oils and treatment of bilge water
  • Steering
    Pressure monitoring of hydraulic oil

Product lines for pressure and temperature control

Trafag draws from decades of experience in the production of pressure and temperature measuring instruments for maritime applications. Long life reliability of Trafag products continuously meets the rising expectations of the ship building industry. Research and development works hand-in-hand with engineering to meet the requirements of marine classification authorities.

Pressure transmitters
Pressure switches The electronic pressure transmitters are based on Trafag’s own sensor technologies: thin-film-on-steel and thick-film-on-ceramic. In combination with the inhouse developed ASIC electronics, these offer excellent long-term stability and maximum precision under the roughest of conditions. The large selection of designs makes it possible to choose the optimal product for a multitude of applications.

In particular, we would like to mention the successful common-rail pressure transmitter with measuring ranges  of up to 2500 bar is certified by the  ten largest ship approval companies.

Pressure switches
Trafag‘s mechanical pressure switches offer high vibration resistance and switchpoint accuracy in combination with an extraordinary rugged design for years of maintenance-free operation in rough conditions. Different sensors based on bellow, membrane and piston principle cover a wide range of pressure ranges, media and load cycle profiles.

For decades of experience in successfully supplying thermostats to the shipbuilding industry, Trafag products have a long track record of proven reliability and accuracy. Different product lines with a variety of features and options offer a wide media temperature range and high switchpoint accuracy in a very robust design.


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