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The manufacturers of units and systems for the railway industry trust in the quality of Trafag products. Their ideas and wishes are always a challenge for Trafag and stimulate the company regularly to develop new, innovative products.

Trafag’s products are used in railway technology, for example:

  • Air-conditioning systems
    Pressure monitoring for cooling compressors, room temperature monitoring
  • Brake systems
    Pneumatic and hydraulic brake systems, emergency brake systems
  • Propulsion
    Monitoring of pressure and temperature in water or oil circuits of motors, gearboxes and in cooling circuits of current converters
  • Lubrication systems
    Pressure monitoring for automatic lubrication systems
  • Control and safety systems
    Overload control, door-closing systems, fire extinguishing systems
  • Pantographs
    Pneumatically actuated pantographs
  • Diagnostic systems
    Mobile units for testing pressures on rail cars, hydraulic monitoring systems on railway switches
  • Maintenance systems
    Sanding systems, track tamping machines, rail milling machines for reprofiling the rail head


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  1. Test grouped product #1
    Test grouped product #1
    Picostat Railway pressure switch
    Approval / conformity: EN 50155 (Railway) EN 45545-2 (Fire protection) EN 61373 (Shock, vibration) EN 60730-1/ EN 60730-2-6: Type 2.B.H
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