8773 Gas Density Sensor

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Main features

  • Continuous measurement of density
  • Long term drift free sensor output signal
  • Maintenance free indoor and outdoor use
  • Vibration and shock proof
  • Suitable for outdoor usage
The gas density sensor Trafag 8773 has been specially designed for monitoring insulation gases. The gas density is measured with an oscillating quartz with excellent long term stability. A second quartz in vacuum is used to compensate for a possible temperature error. The output signal is a pulse train modulated onto the supply current. The measured density is propotional to the pulse frequency. Additionally the temperature can be measured over the pulse width of the frequency signal.

Technical Data

More Information
Product code 8773
Designation Gas Density Sensor
Measuring range 0...60 kg SF6 /m3 10 ... 253 Hz
Measuring principle Oscillating quartz measurement
Designation of application Density sensor for SF6 and other gases
Output signal Digital: current pulses onto supply current Density signal: pulse frequency 10...253 Hz (range 0...51.22kg SF6/m3)
Ambient temperature -40°C ... 70°C

High voltage technology

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